A variable resistor apparatus includes a plurality of nanoparticles disposed between two terminals, wherein the plurality of nanoparticles provides an electrical resistance. An electric field applied to the plurality of nanoparticles across the two terminals results in an alignment of the nanoparticles over time and a decrease in the electrical resistance thereby providing a variable resistor apparatus. The electric or electrical field can be applied across the two terminals perpendicular to the plurality of nanoconnections. The nanoparticles can comprise nanoconductors, which can be formed as, for example, nanotubes and/or nanowires. The nanoparticles are generally disposed in a solution within a connection gap formed between the two terminals. The solution can comprise a solvent and/or a suspension of nanoparticles forming a mixture thereof. The solution can also be provided as a liquid, a gel, and or a gas. The solution may also comprise a dielectric.